About Weybridge Rifle and Pistol Club

Weybridge Rifle and Pistol CLub in the 1920sThe earliest records of the Weybridge Rifle Club (as it was known at that time) date back to 1901, since then the site has moved to Desborough Island in Weybridge where over the years in addition to the ranges, a clubhouse has been built. 


The club is equipped with a 100m outdoor range with six covered firing points, this is used for prone target shooting in .22 calibre rifles.

The indoor range has six firing points which can accommodate both prone, standing and benchrest disciplines up to 25m. The types of firearms permitted on the indoor range include rimfire and pistol calibre rifles, carbines plus long barrel revolvers and black powder pistols. The posted range rules restrict the use of magnum and jacketed rounds.

The club also has a very active fullbore section which regularly arranges trips to Bisley to practice long range target shooting.